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I joined CloseUp on WMUR to discuss issues facing the state of New Hampshire, including how I would handle the opioid crisis differently. Adam and I talked about potential offices that would be a good fit for a 2024 campaign, including another run for Congress, Governor, and the Executive Council.

In New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District, Republican candidate Robert Burns is trying to gain some traction in his challenge to five-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster. At the Windmill Restaurant in Concord on Wednesday, residents asked Burns what he would do to help get the cost of living under control. "Inflation is killing us economically," said resident Thom Bloomquist. Burns said relief begins with electing a new member of Congress. He contends that Kuster has spent too much time voting for spending bills in Washington, D.C., and not enough time with the people of the 2nd District. "We've spoken to so many people," Burns said. "It's constituent services. It's out here actually meeting with people. People have said they haven't seen her for years."

"Over my 25 years specializing in quality control and equipment, I have dealt firsthand with FDA inspectors who spend more time creating bureaucracy than finding actual solutions to problems. Government meddling by unelected federal bureaucrats pushing an ideological agenda has caused these hardships that are unthinkable for generations of Americans. As a nation and in communities across New Hampshire, we are feeling the consequences of elections driven by partisanship and not real life and business experience. This election for Congress will either normalize these new hardships or return our nation to abundance."

Appeared on Outside the Beltway with Amanda Head to discuss how a corrupt bureaucracy inside the FDA has helped lead to this current powdered infant formula crisis. We talked about how we can also reclaim our critical manufacturing from China, for the sake of our national security.


The Burns for Congress campaign is proud to announce that it has earned the endorsement of Andrew Hemingway. Hemingway served as State Co-Chair for the Trump for President Campaign in New Hampshire. Andrew Hemingway is a New Hampshire businessman, entrepreneur, and a staple in New Hampshire politics. In 2014 Hemingway was a Republican candidate for Governor and was Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus. 

Hemingway joins his fellow Trump for President New Hampshire State Co-Chairman, Rep. Fred Doucette, and Rep. Al Baldassaro. These endorsements cement Robert Burns as the Pro-Trump, America First Candidate in the Second Congressional District. On his endorsement Andrew Hemingway said “I am excited to endorse my friend Robert Burns. Robert and I worked together on the early days of the Trump Campaign. I look forward to helping Robert flip the Second Congressional District and retire Annie Kuster.”


WMUR: Key Endorsements for Burns
- State Rep. Al Baldasaro of Londonderry, who co-chaired both Trump’s New Hampshire campaign and the national campaign’s veterans’ coalition. Baldasaro is a veteran of the U.S. Marines and served in Desert Storm, and, now in his eighth term, he chairs the New Hampshire House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee.
- State Rep. Fred Doucette of Salem, who co-chaired Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaign in the Granite State. Now in his fourth term, Doucette is a House Deputy Majority Leader.
-Former state Rep. Joshua Whitehouse of Farmington, who had many roles with the Trump campaign in New Hampshire and nationally and later served as the Trump White House’s liaison to the Pentagon and to the Department of Homeland Security.

Press Release: Burns Campaign Announces Endorsements from Baldasaro, Doucette, and Whitehouse
Three key, early Trump supporters join the campaign’s effort to restore America First policies

The Burns for Congress campaign is proud to announce it has been endorsed by three of the key early supporters of Donald Trump. Robert Burns served on the Trump campaign beginning in 2015 as National Youth Coalition Chairman, and worked alongside these three leaders to deliver the President’s ‘America First’ message. State Rep Al Baldasaro, State Rep Fred Doucette, and former State Rep Joshua Whitehouse are endorsing the Burns campaign for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.

- Click here to read the full statement


WMUR: In the ad, Burns points out that the items that go into a Thanksgiving dinner, from turkey to carrots to potatoes, are significantly more expensive than a year ago. “When you’re sitting down to your most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever, you can blame Democrats like Joe Biden and Ann Kuster,” Burns says in the ad. “I know how to fix the supply chain and get this under control,” Burns says. In a statement, Burns added, “Inflation is only being worsened by the trillions in new spending that will further devalue the American dollar. I am uniquely qualified to address these issues in Congress, given my decades of experience with manufacturing and budgetary issues.”

"We are excited to announce the launch of our campaign’s latest radio ad, entitled “Your Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever.” The 30 second spot will begin airing today, through the Thanksgiving holiday across central and western New Hampshire on stations WKBK and WNTK. Additionally, our campaign will conduct an aggressive digital advertising push covering the entire congressional district."

Candidate for the 2nd District, Robert Burns sat down with WMUR-TV's Adam Sexton on CloseUp this weekend to discuss my campaign. We talked about my support for national reciprocity for carrying firearms, stopping Critical Race Theory, the manufacturing supply chain, and ending our dependence on Chinese pharmacuticals. This campaign will be one that doesn't fall into the media's desired narratives, but instead talks about the issues that actually affect the American people.


WMUR: "Burns became the first congressional candidate in either district to begin paid media advertising – a new radio ad, which Doherty said begins media program that will last at least for the rest of the summer. The 30-second ad, which can be heard here, is entitled, “Our Mission 2022: Winning Back Congress” and will air during conservative talk shows on New Hampshire radio stations, Doherty said. In the ad, Burns introduces himself and says, “I believe in securing the border, protecting our gun rights and stopping critical race theory from creeping into our schools.”"

"We are excited to launch our first radio ad of the campaign and the first paid media placement of any New Hampshire 2022 Congressional candidate. Beginning today, the 30 second ad entitled ‘Our Mission 2022: Winning Back Congress’ will be heard during talk radio shows including Howie Carr, Grace Curley, and Mark Levin. It is the first in our series of ads throughout the next year that will deliver the campaign’s message across an increasing number of stations and mediums."

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