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Almost immediately, word began to spread about potential GOP contenders. By the end of the day, at least four potential candidates had emerged. Perhaps most notably, multiple sources confirmed to NHJournal that former Hillsborough County Treasurer Bob Burns will be running for the GOP nomination to replace Gatsas.


This is a major development in both the Executive Council race and the Republican primary in the newly open Second Congressional District. “The New Hampshire political world shook today,” one GOP source familiar with the Burns’ development told NHJournal. 


“I will fully vet every judicial nominee and ensure that they will strictly interpret the US and state Constitutions. I will review every contract and lease that comes before the Executive Council to ensure that the taxpayers are getting the best deal for quality services,” Burns said in a statement. “Fresh voices are needed in state government and I will recommend that appointees are outside of the usual insider cliques. I will serve as an advocate and champion of the taxpayers of New Hampshire. My experience in business and my lifelong devotion to helping our state will guide me in this important job,” Burns said.

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I joined CloseUp on WMUR to discuss issues facing the state of New Hampshire, including how I would handle the opioid crisis differently. Adam and I talked about potential offices that would be a good fit for a 2024 campaign, including another run for Congress, Governor, and the Executive Council.

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