WMUR: "Burns became the first congressional candidate in either district to begin paid media advertising – a new radio ad, which Doherty said begins media program that will last at least for the rest of the summer. The 30-second ad, which can be heard here, is entitled, “Our Mission 2022: Winning Back Congress” and will air during conservative talk shows on New Hampshire radio stations, Doherty said. In the ad, Burns introduces himself and says, “I believe in securing the border, protecting our gun rights and stopping critical race theory from creeping into our schools.”"

"We are excited to launch our first radio ad of the campaign and the first paid media placement of any New Hampshire 2022 Congressional candidate. Beginning today, the 30 second ad entitled ‘Our Mission 2022: Winning Back Congress’ will be heard during talk radio shows including Howie Carr, Grace Curley, and Mark Levin. It is the first in our series of ads throughout the next year that will deliver the campaign’s message across an increasing number of stations and mediums."