Robert Burns is a lifelong New Hampshire resident. Burns was born in Nashua NH and raised in Bedford NH. He is a local business owner and served as Hillsborough County Treasurer after beating then-incumbent Chris Pappas in 2010. Burns formerly held the positions of Selectman and Deputy County Treasurer. Burns won the Republican party's nomination for the District 4 Executive Council seat in 2012 and 2014. Burns served as the National Youth Coalition Chair of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign throughout the primary and general elections.

Burns attended Bedford public schools and graduated from Manchester High School West. In 2002 he earned a degree in Business Management from Keene State College. From an early age he attended legislative sessions in Concord with his mother, Rep. Leslie Burns, who served three terms as a New Hampshire State Representative from 1982-1988. Burns has had a lifelong interest in New Hampshire Republican politics. In 2005 he was elected to the position of Selectman in Manchester's Ward 12, a position in which he helped oversee the integrity of the city's elections.

Burns was selected as an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2008 by Mike Huckabee. During the 2012 Presidential 
primaries, he served as Deputy State Director of former House Speaker New Gingrich's campaign. Donald Trump selected Burns as one of his delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention.


Burns has received both national and local awards for his involvement with the Young Republicans and other conservative groups. In 2010, he was presented with the Gipper Award, which is given each year at the annual convention to an outstanding NHYR who has worked hard to spread the message of President Ronald Reagan.

Burns currently owns and operates Burns Automation, a growing quality control and pharmaceutical safety company in Bedford.

"My experience in local and county government, along with owning a small business in New Hampshire will give me a unique perspective in Washington. Managing taxpayer money as the Hillsborough County Treasurer and managing the payroll at Burns Automation is the type of real-world experience that is needed now more than ever in Congress. I will look at legislation and decide if it is constitutional, cost-effective, and a necessary function of the federal government." - Robert Burns